Covid-19 Return to play wavier 7 release for Dedication Sports Facility

By signing my signature below, on behalf of myself, my personal representatives, assigns, heirs, and my next kin, do hereby agree to indemnify, release and hold harmless Dedication Sports. its employees, directors, officers, operators, volunteers, affiliates, vendors, invitees, coaches or agents (the “Released parties”) from any and all liability, claims, demands actions for causes of action, of any kind of nature arising out of or related to any damage, illness or injury, regardless of severity, resulting from participation, attendance and/ or engagement with Dedication Sports facility (“claim”). I hereby expressly waive any right of action or defense I may have against the released parties in consideration of my participation, attendance and/ or engagement with Dedication Sports. I hereby acknowledge that I know of no medical reason that would preclude me from participation. Attendance and/ or engagement with Dedication Sports. I understand that by bringing my child, parent and /or any other family member of friend to Dedication Sports activities that could be reasonable, foreseeable risk that he/she could be exposed to communicable and contagious diseases, such as COVID-19, and/or contract or be around others that are ill, whether they are symptomatic or not. I have had the opportunity (and am hereby advised) to talk to a primary healthcare provider about the risk associated with Dedication Sports activities and I understand and assume responsibility for those risks.

I will follow all policies, procedures, and respect the directives and abide by the requirements to return to play. I represent that the participant (including but not limited to my child and/or ward) is in good physical condition, does not have any medical, physical or mental condition that could result in injury or illness for others. I specifically assume the risk of the participant(including but not limited to my child and/ or ward) participating, attending and / or engaging in Dedication Sports activities and indemnify , release and hold harmless Dedication Sports and the released parties in consideration of being afforded the opportunity to participate in Dedication Sports activities, and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the undersigned and/or the undersigned’s parent or legal guardian ( for any minor participants, invitees or engaged persons), does for and behalf of himself/herself , his heirs ,executors , administrators , successors and assigns agree to and hereby does indemnify , release ,acquit and forever discharge and hold harmless Dedication Sports and released parties including but not limited to , bills, lost wages, property damages, judgement, levies and execution whether known or unknown ,liquidated or unliquidated, fixed or contingents, direct or indirect which the undersigned and his heirs executors, administrators, successors and assigns may have , against Dedication parties INTENTION, AND THE EXPRESS INTENTION OF THE RELEASED PARTIES, THAT THE RELEASED PROVIDED FOR IN THIS AGREEMENT RELEASED THE RELEASED PARTIES FROM THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE ACTS OR OMISSIONS OF THE RELEASE PARTIES, INCLUDING ACTS OF NEGLIGENCE, AND INCLUDING WHERE SAME ARE THE CONTRIBUTING CAUSE OF CLAIM TO THE GREATEST EXTENT PERMITTED 


BY APPLICABLE COVID-19 return to play waiver & release LAW , Dedication Sports SHALL NOT BE HELD LIABLE IF I CONTRACT OR I AM EXPOSED TO COMMUNICABLE AND CONTAGIOUS DISEASE, SUCH AS COVID-19. I VOLUNTARILY ASSUME THE RISK THAT I MAY BE EXPOSED TO OR INFECTED BY SUCH VIRUS OR DISEASE AND I RELEASE DEDICATION SPORTS AREA FROM ALL LIABILITY FOR ANY INJURY, ILLNESS, DISABILITY, DEATH, DAMAGE, LOSS, OR CLAIM RELATED TO ARISING OUT OF COVID-19 VIRUS STEMMING FROM MY PARTICIPATION, ATTENDANCE AND/ OR ENGAGING IN DEDICATION SPORTS ACTIVITIES IN ANY FORM. I understand this release is binding on myself and my heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns and that all DEDICATION SPORTS will deny my participation in Dedication Sports activities until the release is executed by myself and on behalf of any minor child. I acknowledge that this waiver and release of liability is being signed by me voluntarily, without coercion, duress or undue influence and with full knowledge of its terms and effect. I certify

That I have reached the age of majority, and that I have read the above waiver and release of liability and full understand its contents